The Ocean Goddess Retreats are Ladies Only Wellness Gatherings around Ocean Sports

    Let the Ocean be your Playground....

    Let's face it, we all know girls shred harder with other girls.

    In our experience, having other females around who are going for it in life is the most motivating and empowering thing ever.


    We have designed a retreat that will get you on the water and get you fit and healthy - all without the guys ! There is no minimum level required to join.


    Hosted by a team of professionals you will spend your days doing watersports, eating yummy food, doing yoga and much more.


    In every single thing we do, we are conscious of the environment and our local community. For you, this is a completely guilt-free trip, optimized to make you feel super healthy and fresh.


    Our motto has always been "leave a place better than you find it" so we are partnering with the Mariposa Foundation. A part of each ticket sold will go towards beach cleanups, organized and executed by awesome young women who surf and love the ocean as much as you do.


    We hope to see you soon !


    XX SUSI and the Team


  • 2018